Q: Does it cost anything?

A: Access to the Link2Build project opportunities is free to all. However, access to the actual construction documents of specifications and drawings are hosted at the local level and each project identified has a link back to the host association where an access or membership fee may be required.

Q: Is Link2Build mainly focused on private or public sectors?

A: Both! We offer both private and public bid opportunities and the emphasis is on non-residential construction.

Q: Are there any other kinds of postings on this site?

A: No. Unlike other sites we are solely a construction community. We are very specialized and understand the market like none other.

Q: I am a Buyer of construction services with an annual construction program to manage and want to know why I should list my project opportunities with an association and Link2Build?

A: Construction associations represent the ENTIRE industry of general and trade contractors, road builders, sewer/water contractors and suppliers whereas other bid procurement websites typically only have the prime bidders –registered.

Prime bidders are an important element but they are only ‘THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG’ that BUYERS see. To obtain the most competitive pricing on construction, BUYERS need to maximize exposure of their projects to the bulk of the iceberg – the sub trades and suppliers who channel their pricing to the prime contractor. The more sub trade and suppliers seeing your project – the better the competition and the price to you.

Construction associations are specialists in handling construction tenders as they deal with construction exclusively. As a result BUYERS receive the benefit of knowledgeable association staff during the tender period as often it is the association that is called upon to sort out problems in tender documentation in the absence of knowledgeable staff at other bid opportunity websites. The other bid opportunity websites will feature ANY type of bid procurement – “a Jack of all Trades – Master of None”.

Associations are able to provide this project communication service to Buyers for free.

Q: What other services can an association offer me as a Buyer other than listing project opportunities?

A: Here is a list of services we offer:

  • Insight to the local construction market The association network can offer insight into area activity, competitiveness, labour force, trends, listings of contractors and suppliers by specialty.
  • Advice on Calling Bids and Awarding Construction Contracts – We can provide insight to proper bid calling and contract award practices as recommended by the national Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) and the Canadian Construction Association (CCA).
  • Advice on CCDC & CCA Standard Industry Contracts – We are authorized retailers of all CCDC and CCA documents.
  • Free CCDC Guides and CCDC 2 Contract: Upon request by email to any association listed in the Network, any BUYER will be provided 3 critical documents to the preparation of a bid opportunity and awarding of a construction contract.
    1. CCDC 23 “A Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Construction Contracts”
    2. CCDC 2 “Stipulated Price Contract”
    3. CCDC 20 “A Guide to the Use of CCDC 2 Stipulated Price Contract”
  • Interested in new procurement related services – Associations have a number of e-commerce and print partners that are presently delivering or capable of addressing services such as: stand alone procurement notification-document distribution portal, contractor prequalification and notification, electronic bid receipt. If interested contact link2build@oca.ca.